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silver rings for women

Silver rings for women are a classic that complement any outfit and can be mixed-and-matched with other styles of jewelry. They also require less maintenance than other types of precious metals, like gold. In addition, sterling silver is hypoallergenic and can be easily cleaned using household items like white vinegar or baking soda, ketchup, olive oil, and soap and water. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to wear a ring every day but aren’t ready to commit to the maintenance that a gold or platinum ring requires.

Sterling silver rings are available in a wide range of designs. You can find slender bands with inlaid cubic zirconia stones for a simple, everyday look, or choose a more elaborately sculpted or filigreed style. If you’re looking for a more statement piece, try a silver signet ring, often engraved with a sizable single gemstone or a classic monogram. The possibilities are endless with this elegant and versatile style of ring, so explore the artisan-crafted sterling silver options in this collection from NOVICA.

Whichever type of sterling silver ring you choose, be sure to buy from a reputable source that sells genuine silver. Avoid purchasing pieces marked simply as “silver” that may contain a higher percentage of copper or other alloys, which can cause skin irritation. Look for a quality mark, such as “925 sterling silver” or “sterling”, on the item to ensure that it is made of high-quality silver that is durable enough for daily wear.

Aside from the purity of the silver used in a piece, there are several other factors to consider when choosing silver jewelry. Sterling silver is softer than pure silver and therefore is more susceptible to tarnishing. To prevent this, it is important to keep your silver ring away from harsh chemicals and clean it regularly.

Another thing to consider when shopping for silver rings is the ring size. Make sure to watch a ring-sizing video or read our Ring size guide before buying so that you get the perfect fit for your ring. Also, be aware that if you wear your silver ring frequently, it is likely to tarnish faster than other types of jewellery.

To keep your silver rings in top condition, store them in a soft pouch or cloth when not wearing them. Additionally, it is best to take them off before showering, swimming, or washing dishes as the moisture speeds up the tarnishing process. To prolong the life of your rings, be sure to take them off at night as well, so they can rest and recover between uses. With the right care, your silver rings will last for years to come. They’re a timeless accessory that’s sure to become your signature style!